An evening in Monal, day trip to Islamabad

Finally, after so many months of struggling with work and depression, now I feel a bit relieved and free! Alhumdulillah! Last weekend, I went to see some friends in Islamabad. I’ve been to Islamabad quite a few times, but this time it was something different and special. I used to go for workshops and seminars but this time it was completely an excursion trip for photography.

Travelling all alone to another city just for photography and meeting my friends was a big decision for me, as I’ve never traveled out of station on my own, but when you’re dedicated with your work, daring enough to take risks and have nice people in your life to protect and support you, you need not to worry about anything. On reaching Islamabad in the afternoon, we visited several places including Lok Virsa Museum, Shakar Parian, and Daman e Koh. ‘WOW’ and ‘MashaAllah’ were the words which I couldn’t stop saying. Islamabad is very beautiful, the more I say, the less it is. There are no words to completely admire the natural beauty of this capital city. I wonder how beautiful the other places in Pakistan would be! Carrying my handbag stuffed with a top, my tights, cosmetics, hand sanitizer,  and other necessary items one usually keeps on a trip, along with my Dslr camera and tripod would have been a tough job for me, if one of my friends wouldn’t have helped me, carrying it everywhere for me! One thing I kept on saying was that ‘I look like a bloody tourist!’. . . 😀 Well, that day I was actually behaving like one!

After a tiring day of sightseeing in Islamabad we had dinner in Monal Restaurant. It is after Daman-e-Koh and before Pir Sohawa at Margalla Hills. I have no words to explain the scenic beauty of this place and the Pir Sohawa road which leads to it. Viewing the sun set that day, is an unforgettable memory that I will always cherish my whole life. 🙂 Bluish black and orangish red were the eminent colours in the horizon which looked very VERY beautiful. Every thing was perfect, the company, the view, the environment, and the weather. Monal is, I guess, at one of the highest points in Islamabad. From here you can have a full view of the capital city of Pakistan.

What impressed me the most was the scenery of the city lights, which was breathtaking!

I was expecting to see a lot of couples over there, as it is, no doubt, a romantic and wonderful place. But contrary to my expectations, there were a lot of families, so yeah, you can say that it is the finest place to have dinner with friends and family.  How can I talk about a place that i’ve been to and forget mentioning what I had in food? Eating is something I love and really enjoy! Although i’m not a very good cook but maybe it’s the taste of ammi’s hand that has made me a good eater! LOL. Woh kehtay hain na “khatay petay ghar k hain, woh alag baat hai k kabhi gharoor nahi kiya!” 😉 Anyway, about the food, we had Barbeque chicken and I  must say, it was scrumptiuous and tasted very nice! Later, we went to Gloria Jeans for shakes and sheesha 🙂 It was one of the memorable trips of my life, I can never thank my friends, no matter how hard I try!


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